Make your first skydive at Chicago's premier skydiving center.

Your first skydive

The Jump

Students take a 20-30 minute training session with a licensed instructor who will explain the jump process and landing technique. You are harnessed to your instructor in the plane and exit the aircraft together. All you have to do then is relax and enjoy the ride!

Special Occasions

We enjoy helping you celebrate your special occasions so contact us for group events. Bachelor or bachelorette functions, wedding anniversaries, special birthdays, job promotions or just because you need some adrenalin - call today!


Our training is sanctioned by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and is conducted by our Staff members, who are all fully qualified, USPA Certified Instructors and Coaches. They are ready to provide you with the training you need to become a licensed skydiver. As a USPA license holder, you can skydive at dropzones in any FAI country.

Our Instructors

We are glad to have instructors that have on average over 4,000 skydives each. All that experience helps to ensure a safe freefall experience for you and your friends.

Want More?

After experiencing your first exhilarating skydive you may proceed with your student training via the Tandem Progression Program or the Solo/AFF Program.

Make your reservation today!

Pick up the phone and make a reservation for your first tandem skydive! Reservations require a credit card number to book. Book your skydive today! We look forward to jumping with you at Skydive Midwest!


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Group Discounts

  • AFF Solo Skydive + Ground school 8:00AM ONLY-Call to book $329.00
  • Tandem Skydive $229.00

    2 or more $189.00 p/p
    10 or more $175.00 p/p
    and the organizer jumps for $139.00
    15 or more $159.00 p/p
    and the organizer jumps for $109.00
    25 or more $159.00 p/p
    and the organizer jumps for $0.00

  • Tandem with PREMIUM Video & Pictures Package $334.00

    25 or more $274.00 p/p
    and the organizer jumps for $115.00

  • Tandem with HandCam Video $319.00

    25 or more $249.00 p/p
    and the organizer jumps for $90.00

  • Tandem with EXTREME Video + Photos $404.00

    25 or more $334.00 p/p
    and the organizer jumps for $175.00

Tandem Freefall.jpg
AFF Skydive
Tandem Free Fall.jpg
Tandem Free Fall lake.jpg
Group of tandem jumpers
Tandem Exit.jpg
Tandem Skydive
Tandem Free fall 3.jpg
Group jumping.jpg
Tandem exit lake.jpg
Tandem exit 6.jpg
Tandem exit 5.jpg
Tandem exit 4.jpg
Group jumping 2.jpg
Tandem Exit
Tandem Exit
Parachute Opening